Why BTC Monk?

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Ganesh Godase and Pritesh Saitwal provide us a great platform

Is buying and selling bitcoins on BTC Monk safe, secure and trustworthy?

Ganesh Godase and Pritesh Saitwal provide us a great platform known as BTC Monk where one can buy and sell Bitcoins, it also has Bitcoin Wallet which permits you to Store, Sends/Receive and Buy/Sell Bitcoins in India. This is one of the maxima used Bitcoin portal in India because of its spotless and easy to fathom user edge.

Directly buy Bitcoins

* Invest in Mining Bitcoins

Now Purchase Bitcoin from BTC Monk exchange —most Trusted Regulated Brokers, BTC Monk does not accept straight bank deposits — to purchase bitcoin from BTC Monk, first, we need to load money into our BTC Monk. Also, a fund can be transferred from the similar bank account that one added to your BTC Monk bitcoin wallet, otherwise, the transaction will be failed.

BTC Monk doesn’t buy Bitcoins. They just provide a platform to buy & sell Bitcoins. BTC Monk is an online marketplace of Cryptos. Someone sells & someone buys. BTC Monk takes the commission. If the BSE & NSE are the exchanges for stocks, then BTC Monk is the exchange for cryptos.

If one asks about India then people are preferring BTC Monk over coinbase, Blockchain, and Localbitcoins etc.

One can highly recommend to buy and sell bitcoin on BTC Monk.

BTC Monk is India’s leading Digital Strength Company. BTC Monk tossed Bitcoin Exchange which makes it tremendously tranquil for people to buy, store and send Bitcoin

It has been involved in bitcoins since its early days. The company started India’s first bitcoin exchange. We realize that for a new user, there is a learning curve to buy, store and use bitcoins. We are working hard to make this revolutionary technology simple so that Indians can be proud owners and users of bitcoins.

To be able to store bitcoins, you’ll need a wallet — which can be on your computer, smartphone or even the web. You can back up the wallet at another location so that you don’t lose data if your hard drive crashes. Depending on your requirement, you can set up a wallet in the following ways:

  • The software can be installed on your computer’s hard drive and you can, therefore, store it offline.
  • Many iOS or Android applications are existing on your headsets where you can manage your bitcoins. These wallets are very convenient but might not be the most protected way of keeping larger sums.
  • Hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger are not as convenient as apps but are the most secured options to keep your bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.
  • You can combine your bitcoin storage by using a wallet from your exchange, such as BTC monk. Speaking of exchanges — here’s how you can transact bitcoins.

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